Neon Bulb - Hello Hello WW Upright

Neon Bulb - Hello Hello WW Upright


Everything you want for neon in a bulb. Edison would be so happy!

"hello" to you too.  In a decorative LED light bulb it will bring vivacity, warmth, colour, and personality to any space.

Our range of light bulbs are a truly contemporary twist on a classic household item.

Product Specifics


  • Constructed with an LED Flexible Filament
  • Suitable for Standard and Dimmable Applications
  • Extra Long-life LED filament
  • Screw in bulb

Measurements: G125 Bulb - 172mm high by 125mm wide.

Lumen: 260 - Equivalent to 25W (Decorative functions only).

Colour: Available in Warm White



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